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Fighting against unfair usage of gas guns since 2010

a community against gas gun nuisance

Our aim, and what you can do to help...

Our aim is to help anyone effected by gas guns, by offering information and assurance that you are not alone—many are suffering with this problem all across the globe.  If we help each other we can make a difference, so I ask you to make use of the resources on this website, and connect & share us on social media. Here at B-ooom, we have already started to see changes in our local area of Norfolk, and we want to help make bigger changes yet nationwide. However, we can't do that alone!

What can be done? DEFRA have informed us that local councils do have the power to deal with these anti-social noise issues, and they do have the power to set up by-laws to deal with this debilitating noise that causes human health issues. The noise also impacts upon the wild birds, including species protected by the RSPB. Working with these organisations to highlight the issue, and in turn pressuring government to legislate against these guns is our current best shot to getting better regulation put in place.

Above is our map detailing locations of bird scarers around the country. It helps us to highlight problems to local councils and on a larger scale helps us illustrate issues to policy makers so we can ultimately get the law changed. If you have a gas gun near you, fill out the form by clicking the above button, and we will review it and add it to the map.

Watch the below video, illustrating the ineffectiveness of gas gun bird scarer's. Alternative methods of bird scarer must be used in conjunction with responsible gas gun usage to maintain effective pest control.

These young birds don’t associate the gas guns with anything other than being normal - in fact it tells them where the food is
— Chris Skinner, Norfolk Farmer